domingo, 10 de junio de 2007

Library Opening, San Antonio A.C.

Caldo de Piedra’s (Stone Soup’s) first community library will open on June 17th the same day as the town celebrates its annual feria.

Job Vuh (in Cakquichel), Lluvia de Libros or Book Rain will open on the second floor of the town hall, just off the main plaza thanks to the generous gift of a room by the mayor, Elwin Esmith Lopez.
It will open with over a hundred brand new quality Spanish books for children and several hundred more second-hand and English books.

Clowns from Pastores will be helping to celebrate the library’s first day. And a small pig, called Ak, will be roasted for the occasion.

Everyone is welcome.

The library will then be open for a couple of hours each afternoon to all children of the villages of San Antonio, Santa Caterina and Santiago Zamorra.

We are looking for volunteers!

Many thanks are due to many people for making this amazing thing happen:

Angelica Marin for her unwavering faith and incredible skill in bring people together.

Elwin Esmith Lopez for the key to the room.

Rosita Passarelli de Steele for her generous gift of books, a carpet and pillows.

Pablo Butki and Cecilia Rosales of the Reicken Foundation for the English books.

John Bell and Flor Caniz of Transitions for bringing books free from the States.

Alba Edelmira Estrada in Chiche’s Reicken library for her session with parents and toddlers.

Amilcar Zea of Casa de Libro for his time, advice and help with paperwork.

Suzanne Steele for passing on her children’s books.

Elizabeth Grote for shelves and innumerable touches.

Teresa Quiñónes for her enthusiasm and a great tour of Ventana Abiertas in Dueñas.

Mónica and the staff at Ventana Abiertas for inspiring us.

Rigoberto and everybody at Probigua for the afternoon in Alotenango.

Cándido López and COCODE San Antonio for sharing their room and use of their Association.

Fernando Villalta for taking on the responsibility of president of the Job Vuh committee.

Herbert for being a great vice-president.

Soraya Marín for her secretarial skill and expertise.

All the vocales who attend the Job Vuh meetings.

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