viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2007

Coming to the end of our vacaciones... been a wonderful break for all
of us. The library reopens on Tuesday January 8th... our first clown
show is on the preceding Saturday 5th at 2pm in the plaza. And our
first committee meeting of members of the Fundacion is on Saturday
12th. Committe members are invited to our house in San Antonio Aguas
Calientes at 9.30 sharp. Other interested parties are invited to
attend for a brain-storming /exchange of ideas session at 10.30am.
Everyone is invited to visit the library before the afternoon session
at half past one. Those who want to stay for lunch please let us know.
Our address is:
Chuchi Achoch Ajaw
3era Avenida, 1-01, Zona 2,
San Antonio Aguas Calientes.
which is basically just off the main plaza above the heladeria, Neveria.

Thankyou to John Bell of Trancisiones for sending a pile of lovely new
books for the reopening. Hugely appreciated as always.