martes, 15 de julio de 2008

June: Reading In The Canícula


The library has transformed itself a little with the new borrowing
policy. It has caught like wildfire and more than a dozen books are
being borrowed each day, often returned the next, the same kids
borrowing another book. Wear and tear is huge: but getting the books
into the homes is worth it we feel! A volunteer, Noemi, has joined us
a couple of days a week…. if she stays on we hope to open the library
for September and October, till school closes, while Kyle and I are
abroad. Reicken have received a letter from the muni offering them 150
square metres of the primary school on the plaza for a new library…
but a new school needs to be built first! So as things stand, we plan
to reopen at the end of January until Reicken are ready to take over!
The mayor of Santa Caterina is currently considering providing a space
and librarian for the new year where we can bring books and train
whoever is appointed. All very exciting!
This months Fernando has taken over the craft session, doing his own
thing with the kids. One week we made finger puppets, read a couple of
plays and did some character creation. One theme we followed was 'fact
stranger than fiction' for a few days with interesting results. Movies
watched included 'Open Season', 'Pooh's Big Adventure' and a couple of
episodes of Planet Earth.

lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

May Photos / Fotos de Mayo

Felting with wool, making necklaces / haciendo fieltro con lana, haciendo collares

Painting / pintura

Felting with wool / haciendo fieltro con lana

Papier Mache masks / mascaras de papier mache

Felting with wool / fieltro con lana

May in the Caldo

Thank yous first. For the spectacular contribution of 1,500 q that Elena Molina sent from the gymnasium library in Karlstadt in Sweden. To Jonathan Nathusius for the great selection of books he brought back from Argentina: good taste. To Monica Steele for the crayons and felt
tips from Chicago: perfect. To Carmen Alvizures for the enchanting stuffed toys she delivered. To Paul Guggenheim for the box of English books. To Rosita and Derek Steele for the Piedra Santa books and games. To Daithidh MacEochaidh of Skrev Press for his donation. Thanks
to Alma Nickles for seven weeks of fantastic volunteering, and Charles for his regular support.

The library did well in May: most dramatic is the increase in borrowing. We have more than 45 borrowers who take books out regularly. Movies this month have included Planet Earth documentaries. Fundacion Reicken are making progress with their talks with the mayor
over opening a library in San Antonio. They are offering refurbishing a building and bringing a thousand books plus a librarian if they can work out a deal with the municipality. This would be a huge step forward: a fully-operational library,open all day, catering to adults as well as children. It would also free Cado de Piedra to move somewhere else and break new ground… .

Primero queremos decir "gracias": Por la contribucion espectacular de 1,500 quetzales que Elena Molina de Suecia nos dio. A Jonathan Nathusius por su excelente seleccion de libros que trajo de Argentina: buen gusto! A Monica Steele por los crayones y marcaodres de Chicato: perfectos. A Carmen Alvizures por sus encantadores juguetes de felpa. A Rosita y Derek Steele por sus libros Piedra Santa y a Daithidh MacEochaidh de Skrev Press por su donacion. Muchas gracias a Alma Nickles por sus siete semanas de fantastico voluntariado, y a Carlos por su apoyo regular.

La biblioteca ha sido exitosa en Mayo: lo mas damatico ha sido el aumento de prestamos. Tenemos mas de 45 ninos registrados que sacan libros regularmente. Peliculas este mes han incluido varios episodios de la serie de Planet Earth (BBC). La fundacion Riecken esta progresando en su dialogo con el alcalde para abrir una biblioteca en San Antonio. Estan ofreciendo readecuar un edificio y traer mil libros y un bibliotecario si logran hacer un trato con la Muni. Esto seria un gran paso: una biblioteca bien equipada, abierta todo el dia, sirviendo a adultos asi como a ni;os. Tambien libraria a Caldo de Piedra a moverse a otro lugar y empezar de nuevo....

jueves, 15 de mayo de 2008


  • wooden signs for outside the library
  • cd player
  • dvds
  • story cds
  • books in spanish and caqchickel
  • pigeon hole cupboard
  • salary for music teacher and simple instruments
  • funds for flyers

lunes, 7 de abril de 2008

New Images - Colibrí en el Parque 2008

Thanks to Jason Steele for these new images of the event:

domingo, 6 de abril de 2008

Images - Colibri en el Parque 2008

Colibri en el Parque 2008 was a great success... view images at

sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

Caldo de Piedra in "Recrearte" magazine

The Caldo de Piedra foundation and our library in San Antonio Aguas Calientes feature in the April 2008 issue of Recrearte magazine (, as part of a series of articles to celebrate World Book Day, which is coming up in April 23th.

You can read the article online at the above link. For more information about World Book Day, visit .

Recrearte magazine is one of the leading culture and arts publications in Guatemala. It is the Spanish language to Revue magazine, Guatemala's English language magazine. Many thanks to Esperanza, Rudy, and everybody at Recrearte magazine for the article.

Concierto Kermés 2008 - Thank You!

Off the cuff... but who have i forgotten?

The concert in the park with the Guatemalan musician, Colibrí was
great! He did a fantastic session for over three hours in front of the
church and entertained us with his great sounds and beautiful
sentiments. Alfonso, the clown from Puerto Barrios, did a brilliant show,
which had the adults laughing as much as the kids. Memorable moments:
Cándido dancing on stage with a strange woman; the police blocking off
the streets for us and smiling as they peered around the corner for
the entire afternoon; the kid that tried to put on the t-shirt Alfonso
had tied in a knot, the girl who flew during musical chairs. Rosita's
delicious cakes, Fernando's fruit salad, the women of Cocode's atol,
the Santiago Zamora women's tostadas, Dona Lencha's chuchitos and Leti's group
who sold dobladas. Thanks to the men of Cocode who put up the stage
and moved boulders to get it together, to the church for the location,
the muni for the electricity, Sergio and Nimrod for their songs,
Suzi's poem, Jason and friends' art competition, Derek's photos, and
the contributions of all which made the day what it was, in true stone
soup spirit.


lunes, 10 de marzo de 2008


February has been short and sweet. We've watched classics such as
'Ratatouille', 'Encantada' and 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Peter Pan'.
We've read great books such as 'Olivia', 'Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo' with
a great drawing activity and 'Strega Nona'. We've had good indoor and
outdoor sessions with as many as twenty children. But the most
exciting thing of all is our new music lessons run by our local
maestro, Elvis, on a Friday afternoon. He had his first class learning
the important differences between silence, noise and sound and taught
us some great songs accompanied by his keyboard. These classes are
open to Antiguenians who may like to contribute a small fee of 15q to
keep us going!
Big event this month will be our sale on Sunday the 30th March. The
talented Colibri will be strumming his guitar and shaking his
chinchines to his own compositions on the towns and villages of
Guatemala. Donations of 20q would be greatly appreciated. Local
supporters will be selling good food and drinks. You too can get
involved… bake some cookies, sell old clothes, put on a puppet play:
it's your call. The kermes starts at 2pm… everyone and your friends
are welcome. All profits will go to the library… to buy all those
things on our wish list.
Our lawyer, the assiduous Pio, assures us we are some steps further to
making our Fundepiedra legal… we'll keep committee members posted.
Thank yous are due to the amazing Kristen of Child Aid with her
contribution of McGraw Hill books in Spanish. Rosita for several new
games. And, in advance to Unka Jay and friends who promise to bring us
some long awaited paints and art materials! And in advance to Unka Kay
and Derek for the long-awaited TV cabinet.
Kyle and I also went to a couple of training courses… one for
animating reading by Childaid and the other excellent course delivered
by Jaquelline of Fundacion Reicken on the subject of early
stimulation. Big thanks to both NGOs for having us.
We also met with the new mayor to suggest how we can work together…
and will meet to hear what decisions the council has made.

martes, 12 de febrero de 2008


started with a kick.

The first foundation meeting was brimming with ideas and interested
parties. Carmen Wirtz, Jack Leith, Anna Callejas of the board members
attended along with and Juan Callejas, Norma Calderón and Kristen
Anderson of Child Aid, Jess Rothenburger of Developing World
Connections, Katie Pokorny of Azotea, Teresa Quiñonez of Ventanas
Abiertas, Derek and Rostia Steele of Ideas Antigua and Sonia.
Discussion centred around fundraising and day-to-day running of a
library. A good lunch of tamales was eaten and followed by a visit to
the library.

Our first local meeting had a good turn out of almost thirty people
interested to know what was happening in the year ahead. The members
have decided to do a kermes (sale) on Sunday 24 February in the plaza
and Colibrí, the well-know musician, will be doing a concert to draw
folk. Anyone who wishes to donate their time or things to sell
(especially food or handicrafts) would be more than welcome.

Our film day continues well, with showings of ''Tarzan', 'Happy Feet',
'Dumbo' and 'Mary Poppins'. We also are doing Saturdays in the plaza
on a petate which is excellent for getting new kids on board and
letting parents see, from a safe distance, what it is we do with the
kids. One session we did pavement chalk drawing, another Charades with
book titles.

Thanks are due to Suzanne Divoff and Douglas Steele for their donation
of two massive teddy bears and some great pictures of animals now
decorating our walls. And to Siomara and Sarbellina for their
delicious tamales. Also to Kristen Anderson of Child Aid who donated
some lovely large books in English and Spanish. And to Elena Molina
who brought us several audio books, a tape-recorder and lots of games…
And Derek and Kyle for building the TV and DVD cabinet for our fancy
new cinema!

Also, Marco Maddox and Cassandra did their first interview for the
collection of San Antonio stories in Spanish and Cakchiquel they hope
to bring together so that Job Vuh has its very own publication of
local folklore and history. It's a long-term project….

Our wishlist looks like this these days:
  • 200q monthly salary for a musician to run a weekly session
  • an accountant who wants to donate some time to a good cause
  • art materials: we need EVERYTHING right now, from watercolours to paper!
  • two wooden signs for the door and outside wall of library (already designed)
  • budget for printing flyers (already designed)
  • pigeon-hole shelves
  • children's music and story dvds in spanish
  • great books for kids in spanish or cakchiquel
  • computer desks and chairs

martes, 15 de enero de 2008

Primera Reunión FUNDEPIEDRA - First FUNDEPIEDRA meeting

Thanks to everybody who attended the first meeting for the Caldo de Piedra Foundation (in formation).

This meeting has helped us establish goals for this year, and share information with fellow libraries. Some notes follow (in Spanish):

1. Se discutió la importancia de que la comunidad, por medio de un grupo de
mujeres, principalmente mujeres, de 8 a 10, se formen en Asociación Lluvia
de Libros San Antonio Aguas Calientes para: a) obtener los permisos y
aceptación de la Biblioteca Lluvia de Libros ante las autoridades locales,
autoridades del ministerio de educación, las escuelas, las empresas
locales., b) buscar los fondos para pagar los servicios de una biblotecaria
permanente por las tardes, c) participar en programas de extensión del la
biblioteca que se describen abajo.

2. Programas
a. Visitas a escuelas públicas para dar un "aprobador" de lo que es la
experiencia de lectura de libros en la biblioteca
b. Eventos de lectura en el parque central, en lugares publicos al aire
c. Eventos de lectura en escuelas primaria durante la epoca de lluvia. Las
escuelas se mantienen con espacio durante las tardes.
d. Tablero de estrellas, un programa que premia a niñas y niños que logran
leer un libro en su casa y que responden a una prueba de comprensión. El
tablero se lleva en la biblioteca, en un lugar abierto.
e. Evento de premiacion a las niñas y los niños que logran llegar a su meta
de estrellas, del punto anterior.

3. Programa de Patrocinios.
La asociación local con la colaboración decidida de la Fundáción Caldo de
Piedra (en formación) se acercará a empresas locales para ofrecerles espacio
como patrocinadores para los programas de la asociación. Los aportes serán
anuales en general. Pueden ser en especie.