martes, 12 de febrero de 2008


started with a kick.

The first foundation meeting was brimming with ideas and interested
parties. Carmen Wirtz, Jack Leith, Anna Callejas of the board members
attended along with and Juan Callejas, Norma Calderón and Kristen
Anderson of Child Aid, Jess Rothenburger of Developing World
Connections, Katie Pokorny of Azotea, Teresa Quiñonez of Ventanas
Abiertas, Derek and Rostia Steele of Ideas Antigua and Sonia.
Discussion centred around fundraising and day-to-day running of a
library. A good lunch of tamales was eaten and followed by a visit to
the library.

Our first local meeting had a good turn out of almost thirty people
interested to know what was happening in the year ahead. The members
have decided to do a kermes (sale) on Sunday 24 February in the plaza
and Colibrí, the well-know musician, will be doing a concert to draw
folk. Anyone who wishes to donate their time or things to sell
(especially food or handicrafts) would be more than welcome.

Our film day continues well, with showings of ''Tarzan', 'Happy Feet',
'Dumbo' and 'Mary Poppins'. We also are doing Saturdays in the plaza
on a petate which is excellent for getting new kids on board and
letting parents see, from a safe distance, what it is we do with the
kids. One session we did pavement chalk drawing, another Charades with
book titles.

Thanks are due to Suzanne Divoff and Douglas Steele for their donation
of two massive teddy bears and some great pictures of animals now
decorating our walls. And to Siomara and Sarbellina for their
delicious tamales. Also to Kristen Anderson of Child Aid who donated
some lovely large books in English and Spanish. And to Elena Molina
who brought us several audio books, a tape-recorder and lots of games…
And Derek and Kyle for building the TV and DVD cabinet for our fancy
new cinema!

Also, Marco Maddox and Cassandra did their first interview for the
collection of San Antonio stories in Spanish and Cakchiquel they hope
to bring together so that Job Vuh has its very own publication of
local folklore and history. It's a long-term project….

Our wishlist looks like this these days:
  • 200q monthly salary for a musician to run a weekly session
  • an accountant who wants to donate some time to a good cause
  • art materials: we need EVERYTHING right now, from watercolours to paper!
  • two wooden signs for the door and outside wall of library (already designed)
  • budget for printing flyers (already designed)
  • pigeon-hole shelves
  • children's music and story dvds in spanish
  • great books for kids in spanish or cakchiquel
  • computer desks and chairs