lunes, 10 de marzo de 2008


February has been short and sweet. We've watched classics such as
'Ratatouille', 'Encantada' and 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Peter Pan'.
We've read great books such as 'Olivia', 'Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo' with
a great drawing activity and 'Strega Nona'. We've had good indoor and
outdoor sessions with as many as twenty children. But the most
exciting thing of all is our new music lessons run by our local
maestro, Elvis, on a Friday afternoon. He had his first class learning
the important differences between silence, noise and sound and taught
us some great songs accompanied by his keyboard. These classes are
open to Antiguenians who may like to contribute a small fee of 15q to
keep us going!
Big event this month will be our sale on Sunday the 30th March. The
talented Colibri will be strumming his guitar and shaking his
chinchines to his own compositions on the towns and villages of
Guatemala. Donations of 20q would be greatly appreciated. Local
supporters will be selling good food and drinks. You too can get
involved… bake some cookies, sell old clothes, put on a puppet play:
it's your call. The kermes starts at 2pm… everyone and your friends
are welcome. All profits will go to the library… to buy all those
things on our wish list.
Our lawyer, the assiduous Pio, assures us we are some steps further to
making our Fundepiedra legal… we'll keep committee members posted.
Thank yous are due to the amazing Kristen of Child Aid with her
contribution of McGraw Hill books in Spanish. Rosita for several new
games. And, in advance to Unka Jay and friends who promise to bring us
some long awaited paints and art materials! And in advance to Unka Kay
and Derek for the long-awaited TV cabinet.
Kyle and I also went to a couple of training courses… one for
animating reading by Childaid and the other excellent course delivered
by Jaquelline of Fundacion Reicken on the subject of early
stimulation. Big thanks to both NGOs for having us.
We also met with the new mayor to suggest how we can work together…
and will meet to hear what decisions the council has made.

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Renata Avila dijo...

Hi, I just loved your project, I am publishing either today or the next couple of days an abstract of your amazing work at, I will write you an email when ready.