martes, 15 de julio de 2008

June: Reading In The Canícula


The library has transformed itself a little with the new borrowing
policy. It has caught like wildfire and more than a dozen books are
being borrowed each day, often returned the next, the same kids
borrowing another book. Wear and tear is huge: but getting the books
into the homes is worth it we feel! A volunteer, Noemi, has joined us
a couple of days a week…. if she stays on we hope to open the library
for September and October, till school closes, while Kyle and I are
abroad. Reicken have received a letter from the muni offering them 150
square metres of the primary school on the plaza for a new library…
but a new school needs to be built first! So as things stand, we plan
to reopen at the end of January until Reicken are ready to take over!
The mayor of Santa Caterina is currently considering providing a space
and librarian for the new year where we can bring books and train
whoever is appointed. All very exciting!
This months Fernando has taken over the craft session, doing his own
thing with the kids. One week we made finger puppets, read a couple of
plays and did some character creation. One theme we followed was 'fact
stranger than fiction' for a few days with interesting results. Movies
watched included 'Open Season', 'Pooh's Big Adventure' and a couple of
episodes of Planet Earth.