miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Ramona la Mona

From today's reading of Ramona la Mona...

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Montaña en Flor

A couple of good weeks in the library... last was around a Nicuraguan author, Salvador Cardenal Barquero tale 'Montaña en Flor' with its environmental message and its curious song. Then following on the tree theme, 'El Arbol Generoso' by Shel Silverstein and we covered the wall with trees! This week we compared three versions of 'The Three Little Pigs'.... one by Margot Zemach, the alternative 'Los Tres Lobitos y el Cerdito Feroz' and the short Disney Silly Symphonies version which they loved.
We've met with the mayor... and been invited to a council meeting; more on that later.

miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009


Thanks to all the following for their recent donations, from us and the kids in Chamelco and San Antonio...

Money donation:
Daniel Wong and Family
Bhupendra Gadhavi and Family
Jane Calverley
Suzanne and Barry Ryan
Laura Kaufman
Mary Kenealy
Richard Klein
John and Robin Phillips
Pamela Ruggio
Jeremy and Stephanie Glauner
Priscilla Matthews
Harry Philbrick
Barbara Cory
Nina Carlson
Monica Ramirez-Montagut
Karen Kramer
Barbara Zohar
Maureen Shanahan
Gina Furnari
Michelle Friedman
Stephan and Susanne Zillich
Consuelo Valdes-Dapena
David and Anneliesse Zack
Laura and Michael Jones
Juan Manuel and Maria del Pilar Soto and Family
Isolde Cuellar
Don and Brenda Handy
Sven Roemer
Tanja Kober
Viola Huth
Dan and Jean Engelke
Scott and Becky Sichmeller
TJ and Katie Hans
Hilda Zaffer
Ann Hamilton and Michael Mercil
Guisela Samayoa
Jennifer and Peter Tascarella
John and Gail Chaille
Janet and Jason Dietz
Lynn and Margo Swan
Armando and Amy Sobalvarro and Family
Maggie and Steve Robb
Francisco and Elizabeth Ramos
Juan Carlos Ayala
Chris and Jill Rockwell
Helio and Puchi Martinez
Juan Fernando and Teresa Martinez
Hector Pedraza and Christina Santin
Thom and Carolina Cole

Children's Books Donation:
Tracey and Ainsley Brady

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009


Books: "Negra, Negra Noche", "Miedoso", "Nico y los Lobos Feroces"
Activity: scary masks

miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

August / Agosto

august's great news....
carolina pedraza and thomas cole got married on july 25th and made an amazing pledge: they asked all their guests to contribute to caldo de piedra instead of accepting wedding gifts.
now we have enough money to buy an entire new children's collection for the corner of chamelco's library, some good materials and pay a volunteer for a year.
this is the most generous gift we have yet received and we are extremely grateful. we'll soon post who the contributions were made by...
the san juan chamelco library is run by the municipality which hires two librarians. it is a small but well-run library. its children's corner was run by a volunteer who left some months ago and has been gathering dust ever since, neither librarian seems keen to resurrect it.
so our plan is to buy materials, fill it slowly with new stock, and start a weekly session. then over the next few months find a new local volunteer to run sessions...

jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009


having found a place to live, a school for our daughter and library
that may need our help, we've decided to give san juan chimelco (a
small town close to coban) a try. we've been striving to get there the
last few days, but after a pick-up died and four-by-four faltered, we
are now closer than ever to loading our boxes into any vehicle headed
in that direction.
we have some very exciting funding news coming up... relating to the
marriage of carolina pedraza and thomas col in michigan city... they
have asked all their friends and family that instead of giving gifts
they make donations to caldo de piedra. this is an incredibly generous
act of faith. we'll use these funds to support the library in san
antonio and in san juan chamelco, if this proves workable. if not,
we'll find another community in the alta vera paz region.
as before, we aim to work with a community that's keen, ready to use
our books and training to create their own libraries.
we've also decided that in the current climate we prefer to stay small
and grass roots. so with great thank to rodrigo callejas, the lawyer
who donated his time unstintingly, we are putting the foundation plans
on hold. this way we can accept donations in a less formal way from
those who have confidence in caldo de piedra, without the
complications and overheads of a board, accountants and all the other

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009

What's In This Year's Caldo?

We’ve been a long time away… but we’re on our way back to Guatemala.
Kyle will be there from mid-May. He’s hoping to find a place to open a
new library, possibly in the Alta Vera Paz area…. In the meantime,
beyond our original intentions, the library in San Antonio has
reopened… so he’ll be checking out its progress and whether it really
is ready to stand alone! Reicken have other commitments and won’t be
opening in San Antonio. Cassandra will be back in July and with a bit
of hard work, luck and funding they will open Caldo’s second library
sometime then. So if you have books, materials, donations, whatever,
hold on to them. We will also be trying to formalize the foundation in
July… so committee members please stand by!