sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009

What's In This Year's Caldo?

We’ve been a long time away… but we’re on our way back to Guatemala.
Kyle will be there from mid-May. He’s hoping to find a place to open a
new library, possibly in the Alta Vera Paz area…. In the meantime,
beyond our original intentions, the library in San Antonio has
reopened… so he’ll be checking out its progress and whether it really
is ready to stand alone! Reicken have other commitments and won’t be
opening in San Antonio. Cassandra will be back in July and with a bit
of hard work, luck and funding they will open Caldo’s second library
sometime then. So if you have books, materials, donations, whatever,
hold on to them. We will also be trying to formalize the foundation in
July… so committee members please stand by!