miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009


Thanks to all the following for their recent donations, from us and the kids in Chamelco and San Antonio...

Money donation:
Daniel Wong and Family
Bhupendra Gadhavi and Family
Jane Calverley
Suzanne and Barry Ryan
Laura Kaufman
Mary Kenealy
Richard Klein
John and Robin Phillips
Pamela Ruggio
Jeremy and Stephanie Glauner
Priscilla Matthews
Harry Philbrick
Barbara Cory
Nina Carlson
Monica Ramirez-Montagut
Karen Kramer
Barbara Zohar
Maureen Shanahan
Gina Furnari
Michelle Friedman
Stephan and Susanne Zillich
Consuelo Valdes-Dapena
David and Anneliesse Zack
Laura and Michael Jones
Juan Manuel and Maria del Pilar Soto and Family
Isolde Cuellar
Don and Brenda Handy
Sven Roemer
Tanja Kober
Viola Huth
Dan and Jean Engelke
Scott and Becky Sichmeller
TJ and Katie Hans
Hilda Zaffer
Ann Hamilton and Michael Mercil
Guisela Samayoa
Jennifer and Peter Tascarella
John and Gail Chaille
Janet and Jason Dietz
Lynn and Margo Swan
Armando and Amy Sobalvarro and Family
Maggie and Steve Robb
Francisco and Elizabeth Ramos
Juan Carlos Ayala
Chris and Jill Rockwell
Helio and Puchi Martinez
Juan Fernando and Teresa Martinez
Hector Pedraza and Christina Santin
Thom and Carolina Cole

Children's Books Donation:
Tracey and Ainsley Brady

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