martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

may... or maybe not....

after an unnecessarily long struggle, there is finally water in the library.
but somehow, after all the agony, we don't seem to be gathering
momentum in chamelco: perhaps it's a personality thing, or the lack of municipal
support, general inertia, who knows.... but we've been thinking things over and how
best to move forward.

so here's the plan. to round things off with the library, leaving
books, carpet and cushions promised and let them proceed as they see fit.
our name hints at how we work: in collaboration. and when it's not
going anywhere best to let sleeping dogs lie.

then we are going to start reading with a small rural school in barrio
chi'o and see if that works better.... the school is small, simple, with a few
interested teachers.... let's see!

meanwhile san antonio is going well we hear... aided by a school in
the city, Las Cumbres, who are doing social volunteering at the library... reading and helping out.

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” Lao Tzu

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