sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Rather overdue update... Sessions at the Chi'o Primary chool are going
brilliantly. Every Wednesday we read and paint/ make things with the
top three grades. They are a bunch of around twenty or so; really
lovely kids. Every book we read with them we donate. Recent books have
included: Gallego a la Orilla del Mar, Ramona La Mona, Perdido y Encontrado, Como Atrapar Una Estrella, and La Casa que Quería Un Sol, read by Kyle, since Cassandra was away on a yoga
course in Atitlan. The head teacher, Alicia, really wants to build a
library space... where we can put shelves, cushions and rugs....and
all the classes could use at different times. She's trying to raise
money for this. Any help welcome. On Thursdays Cass has started
teaching yoga to second and third grades. Never has she heard so much
laughter in a yoga class! Kyle is helping the library in Chamelco with
a donation of books because they desperately need new stuff to read to
their kids. He bought lots of lovely new books at the Feria de Libros
in the City in July. Sorry for the lack of photos, our camera was
stolen (Kyle was robbed at gunpoint in the City!) hope we can resolve
this soon...

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